Hey, John Crestani here. Online marketer, tech entrepreneur. I’ll, be showing you how to get more leads for your business. I’ll, be talking about what is lead generation? I’ll be talking to you about how to generate leads and how you can make money off of this.

Even if you don’t have a business that requires new people in it. If you’re just starting a business, you can do lead generation for other companies. Now I’ve done this and made millions of dollars as a marketer, and I’ll, be going over a few different examples of how companies do lead generation on the internet as well as six different ways that you can generate leads For your small business for your big business for a client or how you can do this on your own and I’ll – be also addressing doing advertising for leads, which is what I’ve done and made millions of dollars doing so.

We’ll go over all of this in this video. If you’re looking for a marketing wild ride and you get excited about marketing, you’re gonna love it. Let’s have some fun. Let’s. Get into this. Let’s get it.

Lead generation is pretty simple. First off what is a lead? A lead is somebody who is interested in purchasing your product or service, but they might require somebody to talk to them on the phone or in-person or maybe by email or via chat.

They aren’t necessarily comfortable buying online, but they want to talk to somebody first, that’s a lead. Somebody who’s interested and what lead generation is is lead generation is the act of finding people who are interested in a product or service and making sure they get in contact with them.

Now here’s, an example of a lead generation page for a doctor, as you see it says, live pain-free, stop medicating, and then there is a form here where you can input your information on the internet and click that beautiful submit button right.

There to get somebody’s information over to the doctor, so they can sell you on a procedure or surgery or a pill or whatever. That is let’s. Look at another example of a lead generation page. So here’s, a lead generation page for an insurance company, it says get instant quotes from professionals near you and you can see.

Once again, you have some information you can fill out and a submit button which you would submit and when that button is submitted, the information right here goes over to the company and the salesperson can contact that person and figure out what insurance package is best For them and sell it to them here’s, another example for a lawyer, so it says the world’s, leading international law firm and at once again there are some information fields, you can fill out the information and a Submit button now you might be wondering why am I showing you all this well lead generation is a huge industry.

It’s actually over fifty trillion dollars. Most business is not done by buying things online. Most business is actually done with the lead generation with investment companies with mortgage companies with debt relief companies with loan companies with education, companies, etc.

All of these purchases are much bigger than just buying online. You don’t, buy a house by filling out information online, you buy it. It’s the actual physical paperwork process. So a lot of these major transactions.

They’re done offline and you need to generate leads for them and there’s, a huge amount of money. If you’re going into marketing doing it now, I got started working for an investment company. I was working for an investment company generating leads for them and they would pay me $50.

Each time I found somebody – and they filled in their information on this online form that was interested in getting an investment, and I’d, also get a bonus each time that lead became a deal. I’d, make about $3,000 each time that leads became a deal.

I was working as the director of marketing at a ton at the time in a large corporate firm, I was making about six thousand dollars a month from doing the lead generation independently for companies. I was able to increase my income to twenty-five to fifty thousand dollars per month.

Quit my job, travel the world, buy a big house, all that jazz and it’s all because of learning how to generate leads for companies. Now let me give you a few tips for how you can do lead generation, and then I’ll go over how you can make money doing this now.

There are lots of ways to find people who are interested in a product or service. There are, a lot of ways to contact people on the Internet, and the first tip I’m gonna give you for prospecting is that one of the easiest things is actually just messaging people through direct messages.

Now you can message people in all sorts of different ways, just look for a hashtag and oftentimes. You can find a group of people who are interested in a particular subject. The next way to do lead generation is linked in groups now LinkedIn groups.

This is great for people who are professionals, let’s, say you’re selling software, let’s, say you’re selling heavy machinery, let’s, say you’re selling, some sort Of business-related item, most business is actually business-to-business it’s, not business to consumer.

So if you can go in LinkedIn groups and say you’re looking for people who are interested in a CRM software, which is a multi, multi-billion dollar industry, I think it’s, hundreds of billions, you can find people that are Interests just by looking at LinkedIn groups, finding somebody who matches a particular job title or matches a particular company that you’re trying to sell into you, can do all that just messaging people or posting in the groups themselves, and just like you can Message: people in LinkedIn groups for professionals, if you’re selling a more consumer-oriented product such as mortgages or loans.

You know personal loans, you can find people in Facebook groups, don’t be afraid to post in a group of people who are in debt and advertise your debt relief company very easily. The fourth tip is if you create your own blog or vlog just kind of like I have a YouTube channel right here.

You can post on your blog or vlog, giving people information on how to get rid of their pain right. So for people who are in pain, let’s, say you’re a doctor. You can create a blog about how people can get rid of headaches or how people can get rid of upper back pain or facial pain or jaw pain.

You can do videos on all of this stuff and post it on your own personal web properties. On your blog or your vlog and people will come to you now, the last two tips. This gives you a lot of places to post okay, but to understand how to do this most effectively.

You have to understand tips 5 and 6 and after I go over these two different tips, I’m gonna go over into some ways that you can actually make money with this knowledge doing this for other companies, but it’s.

Important to understand what this is and how it works first, so targeting now, if I was advertising, let’s, say a doctor firm that helps people get rid of the pain. If I’m advertising that I want to advertise to people who are in pain and an order to target people who were in pain, cuz, I’m, not gonna make money.

If I’m a doctor that gets people out of pain, I’m, not gonna make money advertising or marketing or posting or messaging people who are not in pain. So how do I do that? Well, targeting is what I kind of mentioned earlier.

Maybe the hashtag is, I’m in pain. Okay, maybe you’re. Finding hashtags such as chronic pain or hashtag surgery. Somebody who just got out of surgery or has surgery is probably in pain, so that could be your target.

You just go on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook every day and look up these hashtags and message. People now tip number six is testing. Okay. Now, what testing is? Is it means that you’re, actually testing your message out so in this example, let’s say I’m messaging people who are in pain?

I’m a doctor. I offer a pain relief solution now. I could test out different messages. Hey, and this is where you win. I could start an opening line with hey. Are you in pain and are you interested in buying my sting? It helps people get out of pain, check it out, okay, but that knot might not work that effectively, because somebody who’s in pain might be a little averse to you just immediately going in and selling them something they might want.

A little more of a relationship and typically lead-generation the reason why these major purchases, such as a house or a mortgage or alone people, want there to be some sort of relationship to the person that is handling their money.

Usually, it’s large sums of money, you know if you’re, getting a loan, it’s. A loan comes with a lot of liabilities. If you work with the wrong person, they could just take away your house. They could take away your car, they could have you know, access to your bank accounts, so you want to work with somebody who you can trust, so maybe opening with just selling somebody something might not be the best approach.

Maybe it is in some industries, but another type of message you could do is you could say hey. I heard you’re in pain. Where is your pain right and you ask some questions and you find that by connecting with people, you know a message that connects with the people in these hashtags might work better than actually just trying to sell them.

Something could go both ways, but you don’t know I’ve seen both approaches work, but what you have to do is test test test test. Now my preferred approach to actually finding people who are interested in a company’s.

Product or service is actually doing advertising, and for ten years I’ve been doing advertising for companies that need more customers and there’s. A lot of companies need more customers and what I’ve done is I’ve, put up ads, targeted ads on Google Facebook, and YouTube to connect with individuals who are potentially interested in working with mortgage companies, investment companies, doctors, etc.

Lawyers and it’s, a very scalable way because, like messaging, which takes your time and takes conversations, is that actually doing advertising all the works done for you? You just press, go. If you want more leads, you just increase the number of ads.

You send out, if you want even more leads, you just increase the number of ads and you just click a button, and I’ve been able to do this and make as much as nine hundred thousand dollars per month. In my business, I average over five hundred thousand dollars a month doing business online sending leads to other companies.

Let me tell you a little bit about advertising now. A few things to understand about advertising is first off. It costs money. There’s no way around that, so you’re gonna have to spend money to really make money here and it’s kind of scary.

If you’re, a business that has any sort of capital, you should invest in advertising and it’s, a great way to scale your business and that’s. Actually, what I teach in my training course the super affiliate system, if you’re, looking to learn more about my six-week training course, where I teach people online advertising, you can check out the link in the description now.

Another thing about advertising is it takes time to learn and, as I said, I have a six-week training course that teaches people this because it takes time to learn it’s, scalable, meaning you can grow the number of leads you bring into your business Or the number of leads you send clients like I do very fast and by correlation I can increase my income very fast once I have something that’s profitable, so that’s really great, and I have my income in my control Because I just increased the number of ads I put out the leads I send to a business, which means the business will pay me more money.

What’s? Also great about advertising? Are you have leverage? Okay, advertising doesn’t require your personal time to grow the advertising. So it’s, just a matter of finding the right messaging, putting that right, messaging in front of the right market, and just managing your business from there.

It’s beautiful now if you’re interested in being like me and doing lead generation for a living for other businesses and having them pay you to put them in touch with people. Let me tell you a little bit about that and that’s.

What I do and what it’s called. Is it’s called affiliate marketing? It’s called affiliate marketing and if you’re interested in learning more about affiliate marketing, I have other videos that go over this in more detail, but essentially you will get paid anywhere from five dollars a lead all the way up To you can find programs that pay $ 50, just if you put up a link and somebody fills out an online form, no credit card information, no financial information, just filling out an online form with their name phone number, email address, and maybe some other information.

You can get anywhere from five to fifty dollars. As I told you, I’ve been doing this and making as much as five hundred nine hundred thousand dollars a month. Now there are a number of affiliate networks you can join to make money from, but the affiliate network, I suggest which there will be a link in the description – is called a four D: okay, a four D calm and you can go to that website.

You can check it out, you can sign up and there’s. A link down in the description of this video, where you can sign up you’ll actually have a better chance of getting accepted into this network. If you sign up through my link now a few things that companies like a four D are looking for in accepting people that work for them is well first off, let me go over what it works with any country.

Okay, so any country is accepted and any age okay, any age is accepted. So you don’t have to worry about being any particular age. To make money you don’t have to worry about living or being a citizen of any particular country to make money.

But what you do need to worry about is. Are you focused? Okay? Are you focused on what industry do you actually want to work in? You have to know what industry you want to work in if you actually want to make money because most of these affiliate networks don’t offer a lot of support again.

They have ads for dough. Maybe has a hundred thousand people that want to work with them, but the fact of the matter is only about 0.1 % of people produce all of their business. They’re, not going to give you a lot of time.

In teaching you how to do things, so you need to know what the actual industry is, that you are going to be marketing, and if you need to choose an industry to market, what I would suggest is you just focus on the financial industry: okay, financial industry, Financial lead generation, and you focus on that at first, it’s, a great place to be so.


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